What's the right way to kiss a girl?

I have no experience and want to kiss my gf for a long time but I'm a bit hesitant and don't know how to do it. I don't want to screw up our first kiss so please help me


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  • whatever you do, don't overthink it. it's a simple, natural human act.
    i've only known to tilt your head to the right when you go in for the kiss, and just do whatever feels natural from then on.
    note: i think it's best when the person who initiates the kiss just gives a passionate peck at first and if the girl signals that she wants more, go ahead and experiment with her.


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  • Put your lips on her lips. Usually that works.

  • Well you could always brush her hair back and hold her face in your hand, look into her eyes and then lean in and kiss her. Just make sure that when you do you tilt your head the opposite way she does or you'll bang heads lol


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