I have been dating guy daily for over a month I went crazy when he wasn't answering apologized and now he's ignoring me is it over?

We really like eachother and I was drunk and being stupid will he understand that or is he over it


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  • Don't be so hard on yourself. You learned something about yourself you want to change. Just be patient and wait. In the mean time do something fun for yourself.

    • I am trying to be patient just very hard because i don't know where we stand


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  • I would have stopped talking to a woman if she did that to me. That's a red flag for me. Give him some time to cool off though, he might come around

    • I understand it just because everything was going so great I guess one night really can push someone away

    • the fact that you bugged out in him 1 month into a relationship can push someone away. A little patience probably could have done you some good. We all slip up though, as long as we recognize it and learn to adjust our way of being for future situations

  • You were being too clingy

    • Ok but does that mean he is done with me?

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    • Yes this was the first time it's been 3 hours since I apologized and said I'd understand if he thinks that was crazy and I would too but I was drunk and being not myself and he has yet to respond

    • I don't know what to tell you just hope for the best I guess

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  • Wait what, you saw each other daily for an entire month? That's a lot. It doesn't surprise me at all that he wants to take a step back. This entire situation seems way too intense.