Girls... men of which country or ethnicity would you NEVER wanna date?

So girls which men you won't date? Any least preferences? Like.. you just won't befriend/date him however attractive he is because of stereotypes or something or embarrassment you would face from your friends for dating him?


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  • I don't have any preferences like that.

    • Hmm.. so have you dated men outside your race or culture? Do you think you will end up marrying outside your race or culture?

    • I haven't dated anyone, ever. And I don't know.

    • Ohh... okay. Thanks for your opinion tho

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  • It's not that Wouldn't, I do not care about race when it comes to dating but I do not see my self dating White men I grow up surrounded by dark skin , brown skin men.

    I dated a Mexican/Filipino it didn't work out because he didn't speak or understood any language other than English so they must speak any Latin language

  • I want nothing to do with Indian men. I'm South Asian myself,

    • LMFAO I didn't finish wtf GaG

      ... I'm South Asian myself, and I dislike the close-minded culture and community.

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    • Lol looks like i hit on nerves. Bitter? How? Lol
      Look you sleep or marry different race i don't care. I firmly believe everyone should be allowed to date or marry whoever she or he wants to.
      That's a shit load of excuse " i am dating men of different culture because men of my culture are scumbags or closed minded". WHO ARE YOU TO JUDGE US?
      Date because you like him... choose him because you want to but dont date him because of other shit load of reasons. That's not a good logical reason you gave why you want to stay away from men of a particular race. LOL OPEN MINDED LOL
      What do you know about open mindedness? Do you even know what it means to be liberal?
      Excuse me madam.. wearing skirts and roaming topless on beaches doesn't make someone "open minded" Shallow pathetic woman. Do you even understand open mindedness?
      If you wanna argue with me.. argue with some sense and FACTS and not with nonsense abuse. Otherwise better leave this thread.

    • Uh oh, someone's still whining and crying and doesn't understand he's being played! Do you want me to hold you? I've pretty good at rocking babies to sleep! *wipes your mouth* Such a vulgar, vulgar mouth for a little baby! Mommy doesn't approve!

  • Not be friending someone because of their race is screwed up

    • That's nice :) Have you dated guys of different races? How was your experience?

    • My ex was white and Asian, I don't see how he would be different from any other guy..

    • :) :)

  • I wouldn't date an asshole. 😊

  • Race doesn't matter

  • South African - any racial mix. Just South African.

    • Lol why?

    • I have never taken to SA men for some reason. The accent leaves me stone cold.

    • Ahh lololol

  • Guys from El Salvador because I hated a girl from there ever since elementary school and all my family knows it. So if I were to date a guy from there I would be seen as a huge hypocrite.

    • You won't be hypocrite lol

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    • Why would I? It's my choice who I date and I already said I won't date one.

    • Hehe dear.. just kidding. You will get one of your choice soon.

  • None that is so superficial. Anyone no matter what race they are can be an attractive and amazing person.

    • Such a sweetie...
      But lol see other comment :p

    • Oh... well I guess it depends on the lady. But there are plenty out there who might agree with me.

    • Thanks for your comment :)

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