Is this weird or normal?

So my bf had a job interview in georgia on Friday and he got offered the job on the spot. We live in pa just to give you an idea. His mom found out that he called me first to tell me and got upset saying that she is hurt that he would think to call me before his own mom. The man is 27 almost 28 for crying out loud who cares who he calls first as long as she is one of the first to find out from him? I didn't know there was some sort of hierarchy to it. There have been times he called his mom first to give her good news and I didn't think twice about it I was just happy he had good news. Shouldn't his. mom just be happy for him that he got the job? Thoughts? Is she crazy or is thus normal behavior from a mom?


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  • I am with you - Crazy


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  • this is one of the main things that i hate about women... she is just like my mom :(


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  • Being a mom, it's probably normal to some extent.

    • I don't think she should be as upset as she got, by any means, but I am aware of other mom's that are the same way.

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    • I'm not disagreeing with that. I was just throwing out some ideas as to why she may have reacted in this way. :)

    • Oh OK gotcha that makes more sense! Yeah she is crazy