Why do men seem to think it's okay to cancel on you last minute and not expect You to be royally pissed off?

This is happening far too often recently. I don't understand how there is so many inconsiderate men out there these days


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  • Why do women seem to think it's okay to tar every other man with the same brush because of one or two jerks?

    And then throw in a vague disclaimer to her inflammatory question that she was actually only complaining about certain guys but haha made you click?

    • Because most men do this. Literally not one man I have come across that is considerate of my time. Don't get snarky if you're gonna leave an answer like that I wouldn't bother

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    • I realise that but I give them all a fair chance.

    • I'm glad to hear it. Dating is tough (I've had a lot of crappy stuff done to me too) and sometimes it's a struggle to push all the frustration aside. Best of luck to you, it'll be worth it when you find the special guy for you.


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  • I have no clue some men are just jerks

  • Things come up. That's why you should always have a backup plan

    • Things come up after having a date planned for a week and you leave your supposed date waiting for half an hour before bothering to contact. That's alright is it? For something to "come up" and why should I have a back up plan? If someone's going to cancel they should cancel in advance not drop it on someone's head at the last minute. You wouldn't do that to your friends so why anyone else? Two words men like you clearly need to learn. BE CONSIDERATE

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    • You sound really immature

    • Telling a woman she should have a back up plan when someone has let her down is immature. Please don't reply again.

  • I've been flaked by women a ton of times. Welcome to the club

    • Im sick of it this society is so fucked up now days. No one gives a fuck about anyone else feelings

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    • I definitely agree with that!!

    • Goodluck love.

  • Something is just simply in our blood we have emotions & it's about being afraid to loose something from our pride... ya that's right & if there's any guy who refuse to admission this he's a liar...

    • Women have emotions too and wasting a woman's time is possibly one of the worst things a guy could do. It's so hurtful and rude

    • I'm really sorry but ya I know cuz that sucks & i did it once & every guy actually did it... but u know something when a guy hurt a girl unfortunately he will never realize how much she was so sweet & so nice to him after losing her... After loosing the best girl I ever met in my life I've promised my self will never ever do that again...

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