Did I completely blow it?

I text him the other day calling him out about being distant and not contacting me as much. He replied a day later saying that he wasn’t really sure how to respond and that he’d just had a lot on his mind with school etc. I text him back apologising and just telling him that I liked him and was worried he was losing interest. That was yesterday. I’ve not heard back since. Did I completely blow it? How do I fix it?


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  • yes you blew it. Give it a few days then write back and say "I am very sorry. I hope we can still be friends." Then see how it goes from there.


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  • Don't be so aggressive !!! Most guys only like to talk when they think they have something to say - i know since I too have been called out by being distant.


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  • Don't try to 'fix' anything. Just leave him be for a while. He said he has a lot going on so you need to be respectful of that and ease off a bit. When he's ready he'll call you. Simple. So stop fretting. If he never calls, then you need to just move on, plenty of fish in the sea