I hear humor is a very important factor in a man when it comes to dating, but how important?

Imagine the guy is average looking but he was the funniest person you've ever met. He could basically make you laugh when ever he felt like it. Would it actually help him or would be just been seen as a friend mostly?

  • Him being funny is a huge advantage
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  • It really won't help him in a romantic sense
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  • Huge factor, if you can make a girl laugh you pretty much half way there. Look at comedians or funny guys and see how attractive there partners are.

    Seth Rogen's wife

    Daniel Tosh girlfriend.

    It's an attractive trait.

  • At least to me "being funny" isn't what's important, but that we had the same kind of humour and could laugh at the same things etc. Two persons with totally different types of humour will probably not have the greatest time together.

    • So if he can make you laugh it's just a bonus?

    • I think that we should be able to make each other laugh. Every person has their own kind of humour so go with that. It doesn't mean that you've gotta act like a comedian, just talk as you normally do and I'm sure there'll be a laugh or two :)

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