Is sex the only thing? Are all guys like this or is it GAG guy community?

I don't know if its just on GAG but, it seems like guys only want sex, or its a big deal. Now, it may be because I'm young or just not really into it. But majority if the time on here you see sex questions and most replies are "If she doesn't do this then its over" or "its a big deal, if she doesn't do it its over" and etc. I never had a boyfriend so I don't know if all guys are like this or is it the GAG community guys making it seem like its big. I know guys are going to be guys and like girls sexually. Like, are their still guys out there that'll like their girl for personality and like them to play games with, go out witg , and etc? Just not for sexual pleasure? Is guys really like this or is it mostly the guy GAG community?

Anymore opinions? Theirs a couple guys at my school but, not too many.


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  • Let me give you some advice. If you take what everyone here says too serious you will be subconscious all the time. Attraction is more of a mental bond than people realize. Yeah we want sex but that's not the only thing I want. I do enjoy the companionship just as much as the sex. I'm almost certain that there are people out there you would never consider dating, but if you did you'd fall for them. It's because looks are only semi-important


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  • Are you asking if there are guys who want a girl with a good personality, to play games with, to go out with and also for sexual interaction? Or if there are guys who want those things and don't care at all about sexual activities? Or if there are guys who want all those things and sex, but are willing to wait for sexual activities?

    • If there are guys that want those things and don't care about sexual activity.

    • Some, not many, I'd guess under 10%, and they are the least likely guys to actually approach girls.

      At your age, the third group 'want sex as well as the rest but are willing to wait a long time' is a pretty big group. But long term, they need to feel wanted and desired back, or they'll feel crushed and unwanted.

      While males are capable (though some choose not to pursue) sex without an emotional attachment, for them, mutual sexual desire is a major part of romantic love, and long term guys who don't feel wanted on a physical level, don't feel wanted at all. That's on top of how much of a hurry they are or aren't in to get off.

  • Honestly, I've seen more women posting about having one night stands and friends with benefits. But I think what we're seeing is just a small group of people that stand out because of what they're saying

  • Well a while ago I had bad sex with a girl I like.
    She was really horny.
    I really hope she wants more than sex or I'm screwed.
    These days I feel like girls are usually more horny than guys


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  • All guys aren't like that. Some are. In my experience, a lot are but I guess it depends on where you live.