Is it just me, or is dating much easier in the summer?

Even when I'm working or have summer school, I've found that in my experience not only is it much easier to pull a girl, but girls actively seek me out as well. During winter/colder months girls tend to be either "too tired", "too busy", or simply just don't even bother to try and make time. But when it comes to summer, I've been out with girls who would hop on transit for 1-2 hours and use their day off from work just to come and see me.

I guess maybe it's to do with the warmer weather :P.


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  • It's easier in the summer. People are hotter and more willing to undress before the glory that is you.


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  • Hell yeah! Spring/Summer is my favorite season!

    During winter, I fucking hate getting out of bed in the cold, or just going outside, and will tend to just stay in the house where the warmth are.

  • It's just you, it's hard all the year.