Can a 25 y/o female REALLY date an 18 y/o guy?

As stated above, I'm 25. I haven't actually had a WHOLE lot of experience with guys, but there's a guy I kind of like and I know he's into me. But I JUST found out he's either 18 or 19. He certainly doesn't look that young. This feels kinda wrong. I don't think I should go out with him as anything more than just friends.

What are your thoughts?


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  • I have to agree with one point in that the age gap at that particular stage of life is iffy, at best. Someone that young hasn't had the opportunity to have the life experiences to relate to someone at 25. However, it comes down to how well you get along and how you feel together. Keep in mind that no one ever bats an eyelash as a 25 year old male dating an 18 year old female. I've dated older women before, and I can honestly say that it comes down to compatibility. I realize the cliche of saying "follow your heart" but it seems that if age is the only troublesome factor, you should start asking yourself what you share. It may sound stupid, but if it helps make a list, two columns, of the good/bad pros/cons you suspect to come out of pursuing a relationship with him. If you feel confident with the results, act upon them.


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  • If you like him, you like him... spend time with him as a friend and see which way your feelings take you. Never second guess a relationship, you can either miss out or mess up if you do.

  • he is 18 and up it is fair game Period.


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  • If he were 25 and you were 32, I'd go for it. I am usual pretty liberal about ages gaps, but 18 is too young for a relationship with a 25 year old. A 25 year old is so much more mature. Some people might think he doesn't know what he is getting into. Maybe, maybe it would be OK if you guys had a one-night stand or something like that.

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    • BlueGender, that's a bit harsh considering you've not even taken the time to justify your half arsed least Annette83 took her time to give some constructive advise needless to say same can't be said about you. And in my opinion I completely agree Annette83 you took the words clean outta my mounth, well said :D

    • Never know till you try

  • Yeah,that is defiantly a big know..., unless you looking to sleeping around ,if that's not what you are into,then just be friends with this person and look for something else,and trust me on that,if you go for that kind of Relationship,in the future,that age diff will brake-up the relationship,coz he will tell his friends,and the people around him and you might not like it,good luck.