What to make of the situation?

I haven't seen him in two years or talked to him. We dated briefly but I ended things because I was not ready to be in a relationship at the time/still has feelings for someone else. I texted him a few days ago because I had an interview for the company he works. We talked a lot and caught up, so it didn't even seem like we haven't talked in two years. He wants to come visit me at school, so he's coming next weekend. We have kind of been flirting. We're going to a show when he's here. I'm not sure what to expect? Should we go out for dinner before?


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  • Don't expect anything bc you don't want to be disappointed but you two could totally hit it off! Have fun! I wouldn't go out to dinner before just because sometimes dinner is awkward

    • I don't really have any expectations. But he is driving two hours so he's making a big effort

    • Aww have fun on your date!!