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I have coworker/female friend that i am trying to figure out. We have known eachother for about 7 years. We do things quite a bit both during work and outside of work. I know she enjoys my company, and very comfortable with me, but not sure if its more. Some things she does consistenlty are, making hard eye contact while talking to me, looks over at me when she walks by, comes to say hi in the morning, talks outloud to herself and to me from across the room, among other things. We usually sit next to eachother when out to lunch with coworkers, and she usually leans towards me, with her leg Resting against mine. She usually is the one initiating texts or calls. Last thurs she took the day off, but came in to have a "lunch date" (her words) with me and said i could call her on my way home. Earlier in the week we made plans for sat. She wanted to have a campfire and cook me dinner at her place. I get a text from her sat afternoon Asking whats up. I said id call her in a few. When i called she asked if i was going to cancel, which i had no intention of doing. We decided on steaks, veggies, and she said she would get ready and wait for me to go get the groceries. On my way there she texted me saying she had a dizzy spell and her blood sugar dropped, so she didn't finish getting "ready." When i got there she had her makeup on but was in her pj bottoms and a sweatshirt. We went to the store got our dinner fixings, she paid, all while teasing and goofing with eachother. We ate and while she did the dishes, that she insisted on doing, i started the fire outside. We had some beers, talked, laughed, and teased eachother for a few hours. I had too many to drive home so i stayed the night. Earlier in the week she said i could use her roomies bed, she was gone. So i did. What do you ladies think about this? Am i reading too much into it? I try to read the signals but sometimes its mixed. Feel free to ask questions, there is more to it but not enough room to include it.

So the last few days she has been acting really cold towards me. Barely paying me any attention. She has been stressed at work, and hasn't been sleeping well. And when i asked if she was alright she just said she was tired and not mad at me for some reason. after the weekend and normal it seems she has been shutting me out.


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  • I think she expected some kind of move from you. But given that it's a work situation... already there is gossip about you, no doubt, so you need to think it over carefully. The usual question: what if you break up?

    It sounds like she is pretty ok with just being friends, and maybe even though she might be open to suggestion, it might be wise to leave it there.


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  • She seems interested in you. I can't tell you for sure because I do most of those with my guy friends.


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  • Gawd damn, ask her out already. What the hell are you waiting for?