Guys, (and girls) what is the best way to ask a girl out?

Please share your experience with asking out girls and what you think is the best way to ask a girl out.


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  • Arrange the situation so you're both engaged in the same task, and build a connection and relationship with her through that mutual activity. Find some interest of yours that a reasonable number of women are also interested in. Good options are dance, book clubs, social work & volunteering, some sort of art & music festival, or something like that. Bad options are car clubs, or other activities that tend to be 95% male. The goal here is to meet someone with a similar interest, in a safe and natural setting, where you can interact naturally. Another good way is to go through your friend network.

    Do not just walk up to random women and ask them out out of the blue, especially on public transit or when she's trying to get somewhere. That can easily be interpreted as threatening or harassment.

    But as for the actual asking her out, if you've taken the above advice, you should have a natural situation where you can talk to her like a human being, share stories, make her laugh, etc. Then you can end it with "I really enjoyed hanging out with you. Would you like to grab lunch* tomorrow?"

    *or coffee, or go to X event, or whatever else you can think of that's a low-key, relaxing location to chat while doing something else. The key to non-awkwardness is to get to know someone while engaged in another activity.


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  • Honestly to be honest just ask her out, it will be a lot easier and less awkward if you plan something big like what if she says no? Just ask you never know what could come out of a simple sentece like 'Wanna go out sometime?' or just something casual hahahah

  • Just casually start talking to her and then just say hey i was wondering if you wanna hangout sometime.. Thats all
    Go for it!! (:


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  • Small talk her and then just pop the question. I know, I know... but seriously, that's it. If she's digging you she will always say yes no matter how stupid you sound. But it's kinda hard to mess up small talk anyway unless you have social anxiety issues.

    You're lucky, in high school girls are more receptive. The older they get the harder it is buddy.