Is being a virgin male a dating red flag? Is it a problem?

Lately I have been wondering what women would think like as a virgin I find it awkward to ask women out but I really want to. I'm not sure what they will be expecting from me cause I don't know shit about dating or sex.

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I guess my lack of dates is the actual problem not the lack of sex. However if the date led to sex then there might be an issue lol
For the record I turned down sex with two different girls and it feels like I hexed myself from a third chance. One was a friends sister who liked to sleep around and the other was a co-worker when I was in high school.


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  • As a guy the very recently lost my V card at 23, all I can say is that confidence is key. I told my girl when she was pushing me for sex and she was cool with it, and later on even excited because she had been having sex for a while but it was all totally new to me and I wanted to try everything and constantly working to get better. She has admitted that there are things we have done that she has not done in more than 5 years because I guess many people stop being adventurous after a while.

    Just be confident in it and make it a fun thing, not something serious, that could freak her out... girls, like dogs, can sense if you are even a little scared and that can be a turn on for many women (but not all). When the situation arises, wait for the right moment to let her know (I waited until right before, but I still told her before) and just go in there and figure it out and follow her lead, but still try and show her you are confident enough to work on your own as well.

    Hope that helps some.


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  • Its not about being a virgin or not but us girls like guys who are experience so when it comes to "getting down to business" we can be shy. its okay if you're a virgin but if you're really shy as in to the point that you're scared to touch or be touched by a girl she'll feel like you don't find her attractive. or if you start seeing a experienced female she might feel dirty for example she might be scared to do sexual things with you thinking you'd judge her. also some females think that virgin males have bigger hearts :))

  • Not a problem at all!

  • that's not a problem im frieandswithbenifits with a guy on the game imvu and I found out that the guy is a virgin too like me


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  • It's only awkward if you make it awkward. Be selective, not desperate. "I haven't met the right person" is good. "Please date me, I want someone so bad" is creepy. It's all in how you carry yourself.

    • @Amagi82 I haven't really tried to find anyone until recently I don't want just anyone I want someone with stuff in common my man. I am selective and on a very deep level a perfectionist which is a major issue in life that I am trying to overcome

    • As long as you're looking at women as fellow human beings, forming a mutually-beneficial relationship, rather than a prize or something you deserve, you'll be fine. :)

      I'm super picky too. It means you date fewer people, but have fewer shitty relationships, so it can be good.

    • @Amagi82 Of course I am man but I have to admit I kind of had women on a pedestal for a few years to be honest. I treat them well and try and get to know them I just need to master the art of asking them out. I have only asked out a couple of girls both were dating at the time... I got a few right now that I like i'm not sure which one to go for so i'm getting to know them all

  • I really don't see why being a male virgin is such a big deal, I'm one and I've never let it interfere or even really bother me when it comes to dating.

  • You don't need to make excuses, virginity is a non-factor contrary to what guys usually think.

  • I think its OK for guys under 25 if the girl is also a virgin but not for guys over 25.