Is it okay to date someone that is?

16 when that person is 21? As my brother once dated a 16 year old and I found it so wrong as even talking to her she was child like, as he only dates 16/17 year olds. what's you're thoughts on this?

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  • Did he date just this one, or does he only date 16 year olds? If it was just the one, it's not the worst thing in the world, some can look and act very mature... not sure I ever would though as there is too much of a gap from college experiences plus she can't grab a drink with me... If he only dates 16 year olds, then yes, that is strange.

    Funny to note that almost all the guys say it isn't too bad and all the girls said it is too young!


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What Guys Said 3

  • that's only 5 years difference and in most countries 16-17 is legal age.

    16-17 is no different age than 21. they've got kinda similar interests basically

  • As I said in another post similar to this. If they want to have sex, they might have think twice, because it might not be legal where you are from.

    Other than that, it's socializing and even it gets to kisses - it's very good socializing. Nothing wrong with that.

  • It's fine you can't help who you fall in love with. Age is just a number.


What Girls Said 2

  • Too young ! Well, remember that girls in general are mentally a bit more adult than their age. So it all depends on that.. but theoritically it is not even allowed. He gotta be careful!

  • That is wrong. The brain development isn't done yet for the 16 year old and the 21 just finished developing. The maturity level is different also. It doesn't mix well. Also, they can get into serious trouble especially when there is a minor involved.