My first double date?

I'm dating a guy (he's 13 an so am i) we decided to go on a double date. The problem is we have never seen each other in person just through text (mutual friends introduced us). We're going in a double date Saturday. I'm very nervous? What do I wear? How do I greet him? How to act? Should we kiss?(i haven't had my first kiss) oh and how do I avoid awkwardness. Picking most helpful answer!


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  • Dress casual but don't look like a slob. Jeans are a safe bet. Feel free to give him a hug if you feel comfortable. Ask him open ended questions that take more than a sentence to answer. I probably wouldn't kiss him on this date. But if there is a second then I might.


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  • Awwww :)
    Where are you going for your double date?

    I'd say jeans and a nice top will be fine :)
    You don't have to kiss him on this date if you don't want too, see how it goes and if the pain of you get on well.. And see how you feel.

    Good luck!! :D


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