Ask him to update relationship status?

I have been dating this guy for about four months now. We recently became boyfriend/girlfriend a few weeks ago. He told me at first he wanted to keep it off Facebook because he wanted to tell his family/friends. I respect his wishes but now it's been a couple of weeks and I want to update the status. I know it's not that big of a deal but I would like for us to acknowledge that we are together even through social media.


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  • I don't think you should bother broadcasting the fact that you're in a relasionship on Facebook. There's no point. It's a personal thing that you let your friends and family know about and when you people ask about it you tell them. I find all the 'in a relasionship' and 'it's complicated' a bit cheesy. Anyway, you're only two weeks into the relashionship, just give him time to deal with how he wants to deal with it :)

    • Woo thank you :)


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  • Honestly I leave my Facebook status the same single in every relationship. I hate how it posts In a relationship and then if I switched it back to single everyone would ask why and right after a break up that is not something I want to do... I post pictures of us together and people know we are together and that is enough for me.

  • Just ask him if he's thought about updating his status at all and whether he he's told his family/friends

  • I'd break up with this one. Needy & trivial she is.


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  • My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 8 months and official for over 5 months and neither of us have our relationship status on Facebook - we don't have single though either it's just not there. he's very private and it sounds like your boyfriend is the same way. At first I was upset and we got in a fight but it's so dumb because who cares? Our families and close friends know we are together we don't need to advertise it to 500+ people we barely talk to. The people that matter will find out. If social media matters so much to you, you should probably think really hard about who you really care about seeing that you have a boyfriend and delete them. You're probably not dying to post it for very good reasons.

  • wait ur 1st statement is contradictory.
    "I have been dating this guy for about four months now. We recently became boyfriend/girlfriend a few weeks ago."
    which one is it?
    if you really want to, ask him, if he has already told his friends/family. and if he doesn't, you should respect that too

    • I think she meant knew each other been on dates for 4 months but officially together for a few weeks...

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    • Adults usually date/spend time with a person before officially becoming bf/gf. My bf and I dated for 2 months before I asked him to be my bf.

    • hm, interesting