Am I going too quickly?

soooo basically my boyfriend and i dated a while back and it lasted 5 months and we got back together about a month ago and wow we've seen a movie together and we're going to the park in two days and since my birthday was two days ago he's giving me my present there nd he said he wants to have our first kiss together there and I don't know i feel like we're moving too quickly but i like it? also we went on a field trip together nd i leaned on his shoulder 57% of the way and at the movie we cuddled for about 20% of the time and omgomgomg I don't know i just need the opinion of other people


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  • Well I would say you are going too quickly if you leaned on him 58% of the time. Even 57.5%. But since it was only 57% I'd say that is just about right.

    You were together for a few months already. I don't know that you can say you are going to quickly as you already know one another. It isn't like a new relationship.


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  • Well don't worry... me and my girlfriend quickly becomes addicted to each other... and i can't even believe we made it that fast... what i want to say that i doesn't matter you guys going fast or not... what matters that you're good to each other


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  • Well, you've already dated the guy before, so maybe he feels as if you guys didn't start over, if you start kissing more than you feel comfortable, then yeah, let him know. But I see no problem with the way things are now.