Why is it so hard for you?

I've been in a LDR for almost three years now, complete trust, I can usually be sexually satisfied enough, we sleep together via phone and Skype, and play various games on multiple platforms. I see so many people on here complaining about failing relationships and dodging LDR ones. Tbh what gives? What stops you? Why can't you just accept someone for who they are and take it from there? I swear, y'all are so superficial! Instead of trying to build-a-partner look for someone you wanna spend time with.


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  • I'm long distance with the guy I'm now engaged to.
    We were together, he moved, then came back, moved again.. All that tricky stuff. I'm moving with him in a year a after I finish some school.

    But it really isn't impossible.
    We Skype a lot, normally and sexually. We talk on the phone a lot.. Falling asleep that way is sweet :). We text, include each other in our daily lives.

    Yeaaah, it's definitely not the easiest.. But when you find someone so worth it, it makes you realize what you're capable of.
    Being apart, being so grateful for the days you do get together.. It really makes you take nothing for granted.
    Planning visits keeps it happy:)

    Long distance has made me grateful. And it's really given me security in us. You learn so much about the other person when talking is what you have.. If we're strong like this, we'll be invincible when we always get each other:)


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  • Well in today's world, people don't prefer to make efforts to stay in touch due to their busy lifestyle.
    I guess that's why most LDRs doesn't work out well.

    by the way it's good to see you after a veryyyyy looong time ^_^

  • It isn't hard at all, it just depends on the person you're talking to. If the are trying to be with you asap, is patient, trusting, gonna reciprocate everything, and is going to put 100 percent towards the relationship everything's good. I used to be in a LDR myself.

  • I guess some people just want to be more 'physical' LDRs are fine

  • nice insight. i've been in a LDR for 5 years. it was going great until i cheated. it was me to blame, not the distance


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