All I want to do is talk to him but I don't want to scare him off?

We went on our first date a couple of days ago. He is so sweet and funny. I think we got along real well. We basically laughed the whole time together. We talked for 2 hours about life, exes, random stuff I didn't even realise the time. He was touchy with me but it wasn't in a creepy, sexual way just a fun, cute way. He told me he doesn't like it when girls get all attached and text him non stop (I can agree I hate that too) but honestly I just can't stop thinking of how well the date went, he told me he wished I could of stayed longer (I had to leave early). We departed with a hug, well 2 actually. it's like we didn't want to leave each other. There was no kiss involved but I think that's fine as it was the first date and we're still fairly new to each other. How do I stop this feeling of wanting to talk to him so much? I don't want to become all creepy but I just want to hug him forever. I feel like I'm developing a little school girl crush which is so embarrassing and I never feel this way about guys... like ever. It's just him auuuuggh


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  • Call him and ask him out :). Don't do texting with him if he finds it annoying. Upto 2 dates per week is great.

    I wonder who forbade girls to ask guys out for dates. Be bold and do it.


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  • Let him intiate with you First. what he was telling you is that he doesn't want you to text him all the time so let him get a hold of you.