Should I send him roses?

We don't live in the same area.. We had plans for me to come for the weekend but when I came into town there was a lot of mix communication on both ends things didn't go as planned the weekend was a disaster and now he's mad at me... He feels like I would hurt him in the long run now he is mad.
Should I sent him roses to show him I care... by the way no hoe shit was going on that's not the reason


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  • Flowers are a complete waste on a straight man. I would not care if I got roses. she could do a lot of other things that would mean more and show me she cares.
    just talk it through with him and apologize. make sure he understands what happened and why. assure him you still want him. give him compliments. give him a little something extra special next time you see him wink wink.


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  • No you don't need to send anything. He should be open enough to understand it was a simple misunderstanding. Just apologize and the rest is up to him

  • NOOOOO Roses. He is going to be made fun of and your good intention could back fire. Send him a handwritten letter instead.


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