How can I ask him?

I want to ask my crush to go watch this movie but the last time we hung out I barlely talked to him I don't know why I just get freaking nervous and i can't help it and I want to talk to but can't whT should I do and how can I ask him through tex like the exact wording


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  • Well tbh if you are having difficulty finding time together him you should probably try flirting with him through text first. Show him you are interested in him and see if he's interested in you. If you straight up ask him he can turn you down without much thought; thinking 'I don't really know her that well, I probably shouldn't go out of my way just to spend time with her'. If he's interested in you, he'd probably jump on an opportunity that you give him. Something like "hey I'd like to go see (name of movie), would you like to come with me?"


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  • Does he know you like him?

    • Oh yeah he knows I like him and he knows that I'm quiet and we know each very well

    • "Hey, I was thinking about going to see (insert movie title here) would you like to go with me?"

      Make sure its nothing like fifty shades though... that's not a date movie

  • Easy as that take a deep breath ignore the feeling in ur stomach walk up to him and say "I wanna go see movie... do you wanna come with?"