Do Women Really Want A Challenge?

I've struggled with dating for years. My longest relationship lasted about a year and I've only had 4. I've talked to/dated multiple women. I attract some really beautitful women. In the beginning, I'm quiet and standoffish. Many women tell me I come off as a jerk. During that time, they're really into me. Once I start feeling comfortable and I begin to like women I open up. My sense of humor comes out, I'm a gentleman, and I flirt. I let my guard down. Once I do, they begin pulling away. Soon down the road they cut me off. Do women really want the challenge of getting a guy to open up or am I just attracting the wrong women?


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  • They like the challenge but getting you to open up is not enough to pull away... it's either you or the women you're attracting

  • You must take a really long time to open up.


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