I clearly overreacted but do I keep trying?

I've been friends with this girl for 6ish years, came out to her that I want to date her. That starts off slow, I don't know kind of stuff. But it starts going and getting better to the point where she was snap chatting me sexy pictures. She had been trying to get over her ex which I was helping with. Not many details to talk about with this she caved and started talking to him again and began distancing herself from me. I told her that if he's going to be a part of her life then I won't be, move on from him. he's a drug addict she's better off without him even if not for the sake of keeping me around. She obviously got upset by me telling her that and went on about how we're toxic for each other. Which we got past with me telling her that I'm being honest and that I care about keeping her in my life. Fast forward a week she starts ignoring me every time I bring up us doing something or hanging out. I found out last week that this was because she was uncomfortable with the idea of us dating or spending time together to which I responded with I don't care about you I'm moving on.

This happened last week I keep thinking I overreacted, that she isn't being herself. She did a complete 180 on me since she talked with her Ex whom she's not back together with. I don't know what to do, talk to her or just say screw it. I'm so confused about all this I haven't been hurt or happy or anything.


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  • You was just the rebound and now he is back you are no use to her anymore


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  • Screw it. Leave her in the dust. If she wants a shitty life, she can have it. Go find a girl who isn't so stupid.