SOS HELP with this girl?

Me and this girl are in college and we have been friends since the beginning of the September. It was great we became great friends. The problem is I developed feelings for her and started to like her. I told her I liked her and had feelings for her in December. She responded by saying she did not how she felt. In December she was after another guy who ended up crushing her and going for another girl. I figured time would tell whether anything would happen so I let it go. We spend everyday together usually studying and doing homework. We flirt and have fun. I decided to take a risk and asking her out the other week. She responded by saying she viewed me a friend because I care about her so much unlike anyone else. It is true I will help her study for hours at a time even if I am busy just because I like her that much. She sometimes asks me for small favors which I usually do not say no because they are simple things and I am a nice guy. It has just got to the point where she starts criticizing things about me. Maybe she is joking but sometimes she says oh I don't like that shirt or those shoes are not nice can you get these types of shoes. I just do not what to do. I feel like I might possibly be in the friend zone but I do not what to do. I like her a ton and have feelings but do I need to stand up for myself more.


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  • Sounds like she sees you as a friend. And her pointing things out isn't meant to be mean. She sees you as a friend and she's trying to help you out

  • maybe she doesn't feel the same for you


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