How to have a relationship with someone you don't have classes with and can only text and see each other outside of school?

I've been talking to this guy over Facebook and he seemed interested but we don't have any classes together and the only time I see him at school is at his locker for like 30 seconds. I don't know how we could have a healthy relationship. And to add to it my mom is super strict and has a rule that I have to go on group dates until my mom thinks I know them well enough and we don't have any mutual friends and to be honest his friends actually scare me a little and my mom wants to know people in the group so I don't know what to do.


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  • That's a really tough situation, but don't worry, you'll have your freedom one day, and usually high school dating was never really worth it. It really doesn't seem like any good way around it, unless you were to both join a club after school. and he may not be so happy about your restrictions and find it difficult to date you and end it bc of that. My gf had a similar situation with her parents, she had to let them know weeks ahead of time of her plans. her parents kept a strict schedule. She ended up keeping her relationships in high school a secret from her parents (I'm the first guy she doesn't have to hide and we've been together for a couple years), always claiming she was going out with friends (which she still did from time to time), stay late after school, and whatever excuse she could come up with for leaving the house, she just had to tell them where she was and what she was doing there. She did, however, have her driver's license and was allowed to drive the car. seeing that you're only 15 makes it that much harder for you to get away with it. Eventually she did tell her mom about the guys she dated, but that wasn't until she graduated and got straight A's in high school.

  • You're only 15 years old...


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