Should I try and contact her again?

So last October I started seeing this girl that I had liked for a long time. We spoke almost everyday usually by text. When we did meet up we had really good time together and ended up sleeping together. She told me that she really liked me. She introduced me to some of her friends, rang me up when she was really drunk a couple of times. We were talking about wanting to go watch a movie together.

Then right before Christmas she suddenly stopped taking my calls or answering my texts. She even took me off her friends list on Facebook. With no explanation. We never fell out or anything. It was only a couple of days earlier that we were up till 2am talking to one another. I made a couple of attempts to contact her in the space of a week. With no reply. I then wished her Happy New Year. She then accused me of being "a bit stalky". Even though I only sent like 3 messages in the space of 5 days. Then she started being a bit rude to me. So I decided to just let it be and move on.

The problem is I really liked her and still do. Even after 2 and half months since we last spoke I still can't stop thinking about her and it's driving me crazy. I still have her number and the other night I wrote a message for her. I was too chicken to send it though.

Should I try and make contact with her again? I've got nothing to loose right.

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  • Move on. It's time to move on

    • I ignored you and text her. We are now talking again so fingers crossed something might happen.

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