Guys... what do you need a girl to do?

I am told I have a very "confident" walk/look so I seem stuck up I guess... but really im actually sweet and shy when you know me. thing is, I have guys who stare at me, some will even purposely try to be closer/walk by me etc. But they never say anything... I dont know what you expect me to do? Am I supposed to be like 'YO GUY OVER THERE HEEEY"

like how is a girl if she is interested supposed to help you out in approaching her? let me know please cause staring at me is not really doing much.


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  • You can try talking

    • .. so can he though

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    • but im the one going about my business and the guy is the one who starts staring/coming near me and thus i notice him... so i really feel like he should initiate something cause i wasn't the one who noticed him first or really cared, but id be interested in speaking to him if he tried if that makes sense?

    • Ask him why don't you talk to me?


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  • Look at him, smile and say "Hi".

    100% guaranteed to work. True story.

  • Smile and wave.


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  • I have the same problem lol apparently I walk like I'm better than everyone else even though I don't think I am. I just be myself and see who's brave enough to say hi lol