How To Flirt With This Girl?

I kinda know this girl from this weekly youth group thing I do, but not very well. In fact, we jdon't even talk to each other most of the time. But she was the first one to say hello to me when I went for the first time. And we follow each other on Twitter. But not much else. She has roughly 4close friends, one a hobbit-obsessed nerdy girl, and the other a REALLY cheerful girl. And this annoying blond guy who is DEFINETLY in the friend zone. So about the girl:
She's my same age.
She's pretty short.
She LOVES horses, and I think she often wins horseback riding awards.
She's really beautiful.
She's cynical about everything.
I'm wondering how I should try to go about flirting with her. I'd like to at LEAST be closer friends than we are now.

Any more opinions?


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  • Start talking to her? Get to know her a bit.


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