Guy i'm dating didn't invite me to hangout with his couple friends. should I be upset?

Dating for 8 months. I met all his friends in the past. This weekend he's gonna spend time with his friends and their bfs/gfs and he didn't invite me. I'm so upset. Is it wrong that im upset?:(


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  • If other women will be there, but not you, then I think you are right to be upset.
    If he is telling you are a couple, but he is not willing to have you meet his friends, then you are NOT a couple. Couples stay together.

    Are you from different ethnic or religious backgrounds? Maybe he's hiding you from his family, and that means he also has to hide you from his friends. That's understandable, but you don't have to accept it. If that's the case he either has to have the courage to be out with you or you should dump him.

    • The problem is that he is scared of being in a serious relationship because of his bad experiences in the past (he told me this) and i feel like maybe thats why he feels uncomfy inviting me because it would be like a serious relationship and he would freak out :(

    • in my opinion that is a lame-ass excuse and he needs to get over this. You are understandably unhappy with this relationship -- he's off with his friends and you are not sure where this is going. Either he needs to be fully in this relationship or he needs to be single.


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  • Its a sign. time for a new bf.

  • No because his other friends brought their GFs


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  • It's a little strange if their bfs and gfs are going to be there and he didn't ask you to come as well. I would be asking my db what the deal is.

  • ask him why the fuck he didn't invite you.
    and tell him it better be because you're fuckin flawless and he didn't want his friends bitches to be jealous of all your glory cause if they can go you can go. there is obviously something he's not telling you yet