She texted this other guy?

ok i looked at my girlfriends phone, i know i was in the wrong on that but she was texting some guy she works with "hey you wanna no something weird, i had a dream about you last night" then last night she texted him "hey, you want to go get a tattoo with me tomorrow" here's the thing, she said they actually went out a couple of times but ended up just being friends, is this "just friends" or should i be worried


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  • i find that a little weird. usually what you dream is what is on your mind all day, even if you didn't know that you were thinking about it. I would give it some time, but don't let her know that she is getting a tattoo with him. just go check out the tattoo parlor when she's there without her seeing you to see what's going on. Or, you could be like hey i was thinking about you getting a tattoo and was wondering when you wanted to go get it i'm free this week. and then see what she says if she says something that would be a lie like she was just going to go with her girl friend. second one is better. i have a guy friend i was with for a year and a half well he was my bf but now he is just a friend


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  • Sounds like you should be concerned. Going to get a tattoo with someone is a big thing to a lot of girls, I think. Why wouldn't she want her boyfriend there?