How long is / was your engagement? Do you feel that was an adequate amount of time? Why / why not?

^^^ question is above, pretty much covers it, but feel free to elaborate.


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  • My sister and her fiance got engaged last August, he deployed that October, he comes back towards the end of summer this year and they're getting married spring of next year.

    They've only been together like a year and a half maybe? And their engagement will be about a year, but... totally separate from another save for the last few months.

    She's basically doing all the wedding planning with his mom and our mom. Personally I think they should be engaged a year TOGETHER before the wedding, but hey, what do I know?

    • Young and in love, we think we can concur everything - or we don't think about what we need to do - I'm not sure. I agree with you, spending a year together to get to know the real person is a great idea. I think somewhere after six months (and it might be up to a year and a half) you finally get to know the real person. Before that and you can get a facade, or possibly just be lost in the "honeymoon" phase of the relatioship.


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  • It was about a year and a half long. It was supposed to be less than that but we had to move the date to be convenient for our families who are all over the world.

    It was long enough to get everything in order and to allow everyone time to book their flights and find places to stay.

  • Well I've never been engaged lol. But I'm in 2 wedding this year. One has been engaged wince October of last year. The other Valentine's day of last year. Both August weddings.

    I feel like you should be engaged for at least a 1-2 years before getting married. People get engaged and jump right into wedding planning. I personally would wait a little bit and just enjoy being engaged before starting all the wedding stuff, but that's me.

  • I'm getting married next September.
    That'll be two months short of two years.
    I wish it would come faster, but I'm finishing some school first.
    So, I guess its an okay amount of time.

    • I can appreciate wanting to go faster. Sometimes hen you find the right person it's hard not to want to commit early, I think. After two years, I expect you know eachother well.

    • Well we've been together two, so it'll be 4 years together after a two year engagement.
      But, I move out with him next summer, then it'll be easier:)

  • Been together for over 4 years. No engagement. He is waiting on me lol

    • Because your not ready? No judgement - you're young and shouldn't rush.

    • I don't like commitment. Marriage doesn't mean anything to me. It's just a piece of paper. If we have something good going on now why change it? "MRS" is just a title.

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  • 0 years 0 months 0 weeks 0 days...

    but just 2 mins :-P