What do guys like their girl to call them? Like what kind of pet names do they prefer? Babe? Baby? Hun? Handsome? Hot stuff?

The guy I'm dating, not necessarily boyfriend yet, has started to recently call me babe, which I like, but I don't want to say the exact same thing back. Like if he texts "goodnight babe" I don't want to repeat it, so what do guys like? I have said "good morning handsome" a few times but I think it's getting old and I wanna mix it up, so what should I call him? And yes I could ask him directly but I just want some general feedback first. Thanks :)


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  • I am partial to being called handsome. I think that is a general and safe bet with men. I dislike being called cute, or adorable because I tend to associate those words when referring to kids. A cute baby or an adorable little girl etc.

    Babe and baby might be common but also work! Really what @junlian said makes a great deal of sense. Calling him something that let's him know he is special is fine, I think it is less about the names and more about who it is coming from that matters. I've been referred to as "muffin" before and I was rather fond of it due to who it was coming from!


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  • Well this girl who's married calls me her boo. That works for me, something that entitles me to know we're more than just strangers talking to each other is fine. The girl who calls me her boo we only chat on Facebook and I just added her 1 week ago. But boo works for me. And something that says you are more than a stranger.


    *horse noises intensify

  • tbh i actually have a soft spot being being called a "cuteie" makes me feel wanted


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