Ladies, what do you think about guys who wear semi-tight shirts, showing their muscles? Douchy or Good?

Do you think it looks good or douchy?

The reason I ask is, I only 7 different T-shirts, and 2 of them are medium sized.

I'm a muscular guy so when I wear it, it's tight and it looks like I'm trying to show off (which I'm not, because they are uncomfortable).

However it feels like when I wear a large t-shirt, I get more attention from girls in general. Like we would be staring at each other right in the face when I walk by, etc.

But when I'm wearing a tight t-shirt, they just look away lol.

So does that mean tight t-shirts make you look douchy, and a show-off?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • I would only think its douchey if he wears them all the time and acts like a douche


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What Girls Said 3

  • For me, it really all depends on the man's physique, my mood and so forth. Sometimes it's good and sometimes it really isn't all that hot.

  • Having muscle is a nice thing to have. But in my opinion, it doesn't matter what kind of shirt you wear. To me, showing off unintentionally is not douchey. It's unintentional. As long as you are comfortable, wear what you feel is right. There are guys I know that have the same problem. Just be comfortable, wear whatever, and know that you aren't a douche based on a shirt that's tight. If you were intentionally trying to show off and act like one of those tough guys then yeah it would be but in my mind, I don't think its a problem. Girls should appreciate your personality more than what kind of clothes you wear. Keep a sweet attitude but don't be ashamed of having muscle. It's who you are and sounds cute in my mind! 😊🙈

  • Sometimes girls can feel intimidated just as well as guys can when they see a super hot chick. You might appear to be more approachable if you wear a less tight shirt. Don't go for baggy though, that's just sloppy.


What Guys Said 1

  • I only wear them when i have practice or when i work out.