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Friday me and my boyfriend were supposed to go out and do something and I had to bail on him because I had to go home and I didn't tell him before that I was want to be able to go and he got angry at me and told me I might as well just go ahead and go now and I haven't talked to him since I've wrote him on Facebook a lot of times and he seen it but never wrote me back and my boyfriend is Type so if he's going to break up with me then he will say it but sometimes he gets angry like this and He doesn't talk to me what should I do because I feel like maybe he wants to break up but then again I feel like he would have alRead told me that we were broken up if he felt that way. because he usually calls me after he gets home from work and last night he got home and read my messages but you didn't call or write me back or anything and I've been wriTing him today but I don't know what else to do?


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  • You should be confident. Good luck


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  • Cancelling plan with someone without notice is disrespectful.
    He has every right to feel offended. You just have to let him have his space

  • He seems very sensitive and uptight about setting a date and cancelling. Just be patient until he calms down and gets over it. Try to avoid cancelling plans, if you aren't sure , then don't make the plans until you are sure you can go. He is overreacting a bit, but cancelling plans can make someone feel very insecure about whether you want to be with them. Especially if you don't see each other too often because you're busy.


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