Tips for getting a boyfriend?

I'm not the prettiest girl in school, but I'm not horrifying either. I have dark hair, olive skin, and dark eyes. I'm quite fit, and I'm 5'4". I really want a date to prom, and I could use some tips on how to attract some (positive) attention. Dressing/acting like a slut is out of the question. So guys, what do girls do that make you like them more or that get your attention? I'm not a bombshell, and I'm actually kind of an idiot around guys I like, because I'm afraid of embarrassment. My personality is kind of outgoing, and I'll speak up if I want. I can make my friends Iaugh, and I'm weird in a good way, and I have a "loud personality." I am self-conscious when it comes to guys, though, I just really, really want a date and maybe something more. I've never had a boyfriend, either. So yeah- tips and tricks would be very appreciated (from tons of guys please! The more opinions, the better :) thanks!

I'd appreciate serious answers, please! And more guy opinions :) thanks
Also, I'm really apprehensive about going with a group because the majority actually have dates.


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  • You sound perfect. I would take you to prom, but that's out of the question. In terms of a date, make it known in a positive way you're looking for one! Mention it to all of your girlfriends in conversation, in whatever style works for you, but probably no more than once or twice. They might be able to connect you with a guy who likes you, or even who just wants someone to have a nice date/evening with!

    • Seems like a good idea. I'm just worried about rejections from for than one guy... That would be horribly embarrassing

    • I think keeping your eyes out and try to solidify, and let them make a proposal. A few friends of mine went with just good friends, as a tight knit girl group, and had the time of their lives! Prom isn't a magic formula to get a boyfriend/good place to start that kind of thing. Just take it easy and don't let media expectations turn a super fun night into a disappointment, no matter what happens!! Have fun!!

    • I would've loved to go with a group, but all my friends have a date.

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  • Dress in a way that flatters your body.
    Be outgoing
    Laugh, smile, flirt
    Take initiative once in a while and don't always rely on the guy to do all the initiating

  • Next time you have a crush on a guy, find out what he is into. His hobbies, what he likes to talk about.

    For me, if a girl bit the cord of an Xbox controller, she could go from a 5 to an 8 😂😭😂

  • Just be yourself! Im sure there are guys that you're attracted to, so just talk to them and make them feel good. Also be a little flirty but not a whore.

  • Don't rush this relationships.. It's not heaven and butterflies.. Just take your time to let it come to you.

  • Become a harlot.


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