Why do I do better with girls when I'm not trying?

I feel like I do better with girls and even have a better time overall when I don't actually try with them. I don't just mean friends, even girls I genuinely like, things are a lot easier when I'm just friendly and natural rather than hitting on them. The only problem is that that's why I get friendzoned so often, I think. Advice?


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  • Girls just want you to be you, so acting really natural is something they find cute. Guys that try to hard seem clingy, which is very unattractive. Maybe you are friend zoned simply because they are not ready to be in a relationship with you or has a boyfriend


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  • You're generic or not romantic enough.

    • Wtf should I do, roofie a drink?

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    • Well first thing. Stop with the self loathing. Stop saying you're a n****r or whatever you are.

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