How long should the pain of a breakup last?

I was left for an ex boyfriend, and was a rebound. She was my first love and im completely devastated. She cheated on him with me, and then cheated on me with him. Why do i love this girl if she did this to me. He is now back with her, but im all alone, and i can't even flirt with girls right now. All i want is her, its so pathetic because i dont even want to have anything to do with women..

But i can't stand how im alone and she's with him. How long does this pain last?


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  • It depends on you. When you no longer want her, the pain subsides and you can move on.


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  • she cheated on her original bf with YOU. Did you feel bad then?

    • I never knew she did. Then when i found out we broke up. I would never let someone cheat on someone else with me, and if i knew, id tell the guy. And i did. But he still went back to her.

    • Someone like that is not worth missing. Take a break and get yourself together. Get your mind off things and keep your positivity up and I ASSURE YOU a girl who is indeed worth it.

  • This won't last forever. Maybe an event will change your min or maybe even another girl, but either way, this will pass. Just keep your chin up and keep living life.