When looking for a date, who's more expected to accept the imperfections more? Men or women? Don't be afraid to give non politically correct?

Answer. I think that guys are expected to accept women's imperfections more than women are to accept men's. If a guy is fat, unattractive and/or broke no one ever encourages women to give them a chance ever, but if a woman's unattractive , fat and/or broke, society expects men to look past that you , know "oh maybe she has a light up the room personality" . You even have the terms "Big and Beautiful" "more cushion for the pushing" to try to encourage men to like big women, but never do you hear anyone encouraging women to like men who are fat unattractive and/or broke. The only time I see a obese guy with a woman is if he's rich and/or famous or if the woman is also fat.


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  • Women tbh. Men are always like WHY WON'T YOU DATE ME!!! I'M NICE!!! Even though they have like 349857439857498357 flaws, they expect women to accept all of them blindly because supposedly, they're "nice" and that's all that matters. Like it doesn't matter that the guy is insecure, manipulative, self-entitled, has hidden intentions and cries when he doesn't get what he wants. He's NICE. Even some Disney movies perpetuate this idea, such as Beauty and the Beast. Beast is a straight up asshole when Belle meets him, and she then basically spends the entire damn movie trying to fix him up and "lure" some niceness out of him. This, all while completely ignoring/accepting the fact that 1. he's an asshole, 2. he kidnapped her father, 3. then basically kidnapped her and held her hostage, 4. tried to force her into obeying his little "rules" etc etc.
    Men's flaws are constantly swept under the rug by statements such as "boys will be boys", like it's expected that a guy will behave a certain way that technically isn't right, but in the end is excused because he's a dude who's like totally allowed to act like that because he has a penis. Because logic. This also goes for manners in general. Like if a girl doesn't have great table manners, it's considered "unladylike" and "disgusting" and wrong. But if a dude's table manners aren't all that great, he's excused because he's a manly man who's allowed to eat however the fuck he wants. Same goes for style. If a guy doesn't have a fashion sense, then he's "just a guy" because it's not expected of him to know how to dress himself in nice clothes. But if a girl's fashion game isn't strong, she's suddenly a tasteless slob. This goes for makeup too. Guys aren't expected to wear makeup, thus they basically show all their flaws and it's ok. But whenever a woman doesn't wear makeup, she suddenly looks tired and gross and ew why didn't she cover up that disgusting pimple? INCONCEIVABLE!!!
    And so on.


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  • Jeez, we giels do not demand guys to be rich and pay for our meals. If somw girl diws, she is an idiot. You don't have to be rich, just don't be so poor we alwaya have to pay for you.

    Most women don't like obese guys, most men don't like obese women. So it's not just us who are "shallow" and won't date someone who is very obese.

    Women are more likely to look past looks if the guys has an amazing personality, while guys are more willing to deal with difficult personality if the girl is hot.

    Both genders can be shallow and stupid. Both genders are pushed to look past imperfections because they get shamed if they demand too much. You know what, that is okay. We all have imperfections so we should accept that others have them too. But it is normal we have preferences and can't date just everyone


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  • I don't know if anyone is "expected" to do anything but people will get attacked for their standards. I do think guys get more shit for saying they wouldn't date a fat girl but girls definitely deal with whiny guys too.

    Basically both genders like to bitch and moan when they don't meet the standards of the opposite gender.

    As far as willingness to accept flaws

    I think guys are more willing to accept a girls imperfections for casual sex Since its free and he doesn't have to put in any effort. However for a relationship where he's going to invest his time and emotions he probably won't settle as much.

    Girls are the opposite, they are less likely to accept imperfections for casual sex since the guys not going to invest any time or emotions she will be more strick on her physical standards. However for a relationship she is more likely to accept physical imperfections IF he's loyal intelligent and has his shit together.

    I honestly don't blame either gender for not wanting to date fat or unattractive people. We are biologically wired to be attracted to trt to reproduce with healthy, symetric people. That's just the way it is. There's winners and losers in life, always have been always will be.

  • You pretty much answered your own question.

  • Definitely women