All the confidence in the world when it comes to cars, computers, fixing stuff in general, but women, no confidence at all. Why?

So I am very good with my hands and I literally can fix anything, but yet when it comes to women, I just suck at it. I just don't seem to have any confidence when it comes to women. I mean I have no clue how to act, what to do or what the best way to ask a girl out. I mean I don't get why this is so difficult. Sometimes I think its easier just going to a strip club or a hooker. But trying to find a quality woman and having confidence in doing it is like impossible for me. I don't know how to get back on track. I never have any good luck when it comes to women. Is there any viable advice out there. I'm tired of striking out.

Don't get me wrong, I've had gf's and have dated. But nothing long term and it's ALWAYS difficult asking a girl out or trying to find out if she even likes you. Most of the time they give you no clues whether they are interested or not. So I have no clue, the whole thing just sucks imo! lol


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  • Just talk to them how you would talk to anyone. Relax, don't take things too seriously. Also, for me, it helps to be confident when another emotion or thought overrides those feelings of discomfort, if that helps. One thing that probably all girls will do when they like a guy is look at them very often and try to be in close proximity to them... so they can look at them some more. Sometimes if you aren't sure, all there is left to do is take a chance. It does suck, but that's the way it is.


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  • Here let me speak your language. Don't freak out about any "games" that are played or how complicated the "system" could be. If there is a problem try your best to fix it but if the "machine" refuses to run then get a new one and let someone else deal with the problem. (Sorry for comparing women to machines I just figured it was the best way to connect the message to OP since he seemed to be a car and computer person, I do not see women as machines, sorry if this offended you)

  • Mating is the real test. The rest is just bullshit.