So I went on a date with this guy and now?

So I went on this date with this guy. It was our first date and I don't kiss on the first date. Anyways everything went well and he even called to meet up again, except 3 days ago I overheard him telling his friends that he didn't like the fact that I didn't kiss him on our first date and that he was kind of disappointed in me.

Should I be concerned? I feel now that maybe he wants more and I don't want to get hurt in the process.

Do guys always want a kiss on the first date or are you fine without a kiss? Like would it make a difference and would you think differently of them?


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  • Are you kidding me? The first date? You guys don't even know each other. You don't even know if his mouth tastes good. You don't know him well enough to know that he even brushed his teeth or care about his mouth tastes. Seriously, if he is concerned about kissing on the first date, it's rather just silly. You two don't really know each other. Like how weird would it be, if I just went up to a strange woman and put my tongue in her mouth, yuck. No one should be concerned about getting physical until they know each other. Know if your dating for a while, if would be weird if you didn't let him kiss you.

    • Okay thank God someone agrees with me. Thanks


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  • It ultimately depends on the guy. A kiss would definitely give us a hint that things are going smoothly and well. Of course, he wants more than a kiss; he's a guy. If you enter into the game of love, getting hurt is part of the process. If you don't want to get hurt, don't get into relationships and don't go on dates.


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  • What I tend to do to smooth things over if I'm interested is kiss the guy on the cheek on the first date. It's not intimate but good enough that the guy won't think otherwise.

    It really depends on the guy.

    • That's interesting. Thanks