How to tell a guy you like him?

How would you tell a guy you like him (in person) without scaring him away in case he doesn't feel the same way?

Would like to hear everyone's opinions.


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  • A guy can mistake flirting for being nice so this is what I suggest. Tell him that he's fun to hang out with and that you like spending time with him. He should respond in a positive way with little hesitation, 10 to 20 seconds being the max, any more and he may have not thought about it. But if you've been around a while he's most definitely thought about it. Any negativity indicates that he likes you, but only as a friend. You know someone to talk to, but not date.

    • If you were talking to a girl that you may have wanted to be more than friends with and she ask you if you are friends. Would that confuse you and make you think that is all she wants?

      And is buddy pretty much put a girl in the friend zone?

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    • It sounds to me as if he likes someone. You should ask him if there is anyone. If he avoids the question it is likely to mean it's you or someone you know. If he talks openly you'll know where you stand.

    • Thank you. Guys are just confusing sometimes


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  • She should say: "Yo handsome, why don't you get your fine ass self over here and talk to me!"

    Our answer would be: Damn straight woman... lookin fine!

  • In a conversation before you walk away say as you touch his arm, "Thank you, you're nice and I think I might be growing feelings for you."
    You've said nothing to creep him out and he can have time to decide how/if he wishes to respond.

  • Literally all you girls have to do is strike a conversation with is, act a little flirty too lol.

  • You just tell him. You can't manipulate him into liking you back or stop him from running away. Really, no one looks at a chess piece and doesn't make a move the whole game.


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