Ladies, if you could choose anyone to be your mate, who would you choose?


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  • Pick me, pick me, please
    I'll do all your math homework
    Pick me, pick me, please

    This is a poem
    It is a Haiku poem
    I'm so artistic


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  • Sure, lust after someones practicalities, how they treat you don't matter. Really, looks don't mean a thing. Nothing, looks mean nothing. They only bring death. The tiger is beautiful, you try to get near it, you will surly die. Certain fruit is beautiful but noisiness and deadly. As is lust, you will surly die. Seek love, a persons value is not based on their looks, a persons value is based on the fact that a man would gives his life to free them from eternal slavery.

    • You can step off your soap box. This question wasn't about lusting after the unattainable. Just because a tiger is deadly does not mean I can't enjoy it's beauty. Yes a person wants to be loved but that in no way means that I can not enjoy the beauty of the world around me. Good day sir

  • Barbara Palvin 😍


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