How do I stop the rejections and rejecting?

Okay so my best friend says that i have a problem. Lets say i like someone for a long time and he's unavailable or doesn't like me that way. Or i like someone and as the guy starts liking me back i pull away completely and the feelings disappear. It always happens to me so my question is that what do you think i should do to stop and why do i do that?


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  • It's only a problem if you view it as a problem. If you are basing it as a problem on what your friend tells you, then it's her problem not yours.

    It could be a defence mechanism, you like the idea of a relationship, but as soon as there is a chance things could develop you pull away , for fear of being hurt or rejected. Or it could just mean you are not ready for a relationship right now.


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  • Maybe you don't really like that guy, you just like the challenge.


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  • You are afraid of getting hurt. Pain is a part of life. We grow and it strengthens us. If you like someone and they like you, just go with it. You can't stop someone from rejecting you. It happens to all of us. Just try again.