How do I get him to acknowledge me?

I had had a crush on him for nearly four years now, and in that time he developed a crush on me as well. However, he started hanging out with a different girl who i thought was better then me in every way and that drove him away with my jealously. Now he won't even look at me when i'm talking to him, even though i just want to be friends again, it was more simple that way. So how can i go about this?


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  • By shouting at him.


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  • If you can't even get him to look at you, I would say it's done. It's time to cash this one in and move on.

  • you yourself killed your chances by not expressing clearly... try to prove u are the best

    • But he won't even look at me when i'm directly talking to him, i'm going on a holiday with him soon though for 10 days, our mums are like besties. Should i just be normal, show him that my non-jealous self is actually a good friend choice?

    • just let yourself all over him

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