Do you think this is a smart move to pick up a girl who actually likes me for who I am? (I don't mean to be cocky or anything but I am very creative)?

I drive an old rusty car. I am mechanically there, so if my car were to ever break down, I can get it back on the road in one day. Here is how I see the benefits of driving an ugly car. I won't attract the girls who go for guys just because they drive nice cars. I see it all the time whenever I go out or at my college. Hot girls inside nice cars. I mean I wish I had that but I am glad I don't in a way. The girl who dates me will be interested in me only. She will like me for who I am so much that my car won't matter to her.


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  • ... I guess.

    • You better say a more confident answer. This is my life we're talking about here.

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    • I'm not driving this car to avoid gold diggers. But I am just saying, I think if I had a nicer car, I'd be less lonely right now.

    • Drive whatever makes you happy and comfortable. A girl will love you for you. It may take longer to find, but it'll be worth it.


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  • I think your reasoning is what bothers me.

    I drove an old car through college because it still ran and I couldn't afford a car payment. While my friends were getting further into debt just to have a new car, I waited until I had a job, and then got one because mine was near death. That was an economical decision (and a good one, I think).

    But choosing to drive an old car simply because you're afraid of shallow women is sort of like choosing to get fat because you don't want people to like you for your body. It's not to say those people shouldn't love who you are anyway, but the reason behind your choice stems screams insecurity to me, and that would be the problem.

    • If I were to get fat then people would assume I'm rich and hence more gold diggers.

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    • Yea h

    • Both of those comments were pretty ridiculous and I have nothing to say lol

  • Cars don't matter as much as you think they do.

    • What matters

    • For me what matters is that you're an honest, loyal, faithful, stand up guy. What you drive isn't high on my list of qualities that I prefer.

    • Thank you

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  • guys like you also get awesome girls, I think you're fine bruh.

  • when you first meet someone they probably won't even know what you drive, so if you can afford a better car and keeping this not to attract shallow girls thats an unwise decision.

    • Have you seen what the economy is like lately?

  • If she likes you at your worst then she'll love you at your best.

    Personally the lesson I learned is to let go of those who I wanted but didn't want me because it waste lots of wasted time and energy.

    • That's what I'm saying.

    • My dad was an orphan and my mom picked him over an arranged marriage to a rich kids family.

      Women want a future, not just your money so as long as your lifestyle and your career is compatible with hers then I think you're straight because you can always buy an Aston Martin later when the money comes in.

      But cars are not a good investment.