I love a guy who's already in relationship, should I go further?

I like a guy in my college, iam totally in crush with him and i won't to go out with him, want to spend time with him. But he's in relationship.. should i tell him or i shouldn't?


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  • Don't say anything. He's in a relationship. If he had feelings for you, he would break up with his girlfriend.

    • I don't want him to breakup with anyone.. i jus once want to prepare dinner for him.. i care him lot.. m so confused :-(

    • You may like him a lot. But he is not available. You have only to options: get distance; or continue being his friend but not letting him know you like him.
      If you tell him you will make things awkward.

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  • You need to realize he is in relationship and you should be respectful enough to let him be happy

  • Don't respect that he's in a relationship. Just move on. It's the same for guys who like girls who are in a relationship. If you profess your feelings for them they may think that you'd assume they were fickle enough to leave someone they're in a committed relationship with just for some random other person.

  • Not yet, wait until he's out of that relationship. Telling him now will just make things awkward, confusing, and complicated for you and him both

    • Sorry for somethings i haven't mentioned.. i came to no about he's relationship from 3rd person, that they fight lot... i feel very caring for him..

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    • M so confused :-(

    • If his relationship ends give it some time and ask him out. Until then, don't do anything

  • No, you shouldn't. He has a girlfriend.


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  • Silence is golden, softbabydoll, and with your Crush' being 'In relationship,' your odds of him leaving this chick for you, may not be exactly be like two birds of a feather.
    Knowing what the writing is on the wall here, dear, it's best to not wear your heart on your sleeve, keep your distance and don't do any clucking to him about your cushing. There are plenty of other fish in the sea, I am sure, in your school, this one is not the catch of the day today.
    Good luck. xx

    • I care him lot, every time i see him i feel so good and my heart beats so loude... you r right i shouldn't spoil there relationship... sumthngs i came to no that they both fight lot.. i feel so caring for him...

    • Hmmm... however, if you do see him and you both are 'civil,' nothing wrong in being friends on One end.:)) xxoo

  • NO.

    He's in a relationship. Respect that.

  • Leave him be.
    Dissolve your feelings and move on in a different direction.
    He has made a commitment to another woman.
    If you don't act respectfully towards him now whilst he is in a relationship, he may lose respect for you.

    • Yes u r right and everyone who replied to this question i guess i shouldn't spoil there relationship..

  • Don't go any further. Respect him and the relationship he has. :)