When and how is it right to approach in this situation?

I've liked this girl for over a year, and I've always gotten signs that she likes me back for sure, however she had a boyfriend which she hast had the best relationship with for over 3 months, they broke up 2 weeks ago, but it seems like the guy is still trying to repair the relationship, but she is resistant to it. I am good friends with her girl froends and guy friends that could give me a hand in approaching her, but i dont know when pr how... It sucks because i really like her and she is shy and im shy too...


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  • I think you should start flirting with her at least. you don't want to hold back for too long and then have her get into a relationship with another guy. I suggest to at least have a conversation, find out if she really is over her ex. Then if she is you can make your move fall in love get married and live happily ever after <3 good luck!!


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  • Give her time to decide when she's ready for a new relationship.. and if she still love her recent ex this will make things even worse.. most important is to give her time to think