I did something very stupid help?

so today i was with my boy friend walking around our neighborhood and a boy that likes me walked by and he said hey babe and before i could say anything he was far enough he couldnt hear me. now austin my boy friend is panicking after that happend he told me to go home and he would text call or vist later well i was home alone and one of my guy friends that I've known since 6th grade that he never met showed up 5 minutes later my boy friend showed up and he walked up to the door its a glass door and i dont know what austin saw but he wasn't happy and i watched him leave i will admmitt i was kissing my guy friend but i was depressed and i felt stupid about every thing i did its been 5 hours since it happend he hasn't text called or vistied what do i do and what have i done

unless he avoids me all day tomorrow ill probly see him


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  • If you deny it you look worse, if he thinks you are fooling around you have to respond as if you are anything else leads to sepperation. Start with how sorry you are and that you will make it up to him somehow.
    Think about it, if you say that's just my guy friend, he thinks ,"ya right" I know what I saw. And you lose any chance at all.


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  • You kissed another guy because you were depressed? Now, it's time to do some damage control. You need to talk to your boyfriend and somehow explain what happened. Be prepared to break up.

  • You done fucked up girl. Maybe try talking to your bf?


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