You be the judge

Never been there.. I'm not pretentious.. but you won't know how to answer if I don't tell you a little about myself..

I'm in a small dilemma here.. pretty small.. I'm 20.. athletic.. 6'5.. natural dark brown skin.. clean cut.. great smile.. or so I've been told.. I'm the tall, dark, handsome type.. I've never kissed a girl.. never been kissed..

In your opinion, what does that make me?


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  • You are what you said... 20.. athletic.. 6'5.. natural dark brown skin.. clean cut.. great smile.. tall, dark, handsome! As for the never kissed part..Everyone's timing is different. You just have not found that someone whom you can share this intimate gesture with and there is nothing wrong with that. Doesn't make you better or any less then the rest of us..I do have to say that when that first kiss happens its probably going to have more meaning because it will be with someone who you care about and the timing will be right.

    Dont stress it.. it will happen.


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  • it makes you no different from others..maybe u'll have ur first kiss with the one who means the most to u..and if you haven't met her yet..theres probably not much longer until you find a way ur saving ur kiss for someone who deserves probably does bother you and everything but don't look down on yourself ..time will come


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  • It makes you a guy that's never been kissed...There's no shame in it I wasn't kissed until I was 21 myself just take your time and don't rush it... itcome with time